What to do if you find a stray cat

Lots of cats that are thought to be strays are actually owned cats who like to wander.  And if you feed a cat, you can guarantee that it'll keep turning up!

So our advice is:

1. Ask around your neighbours - we have many cats reported as stray when they're just having a little wander!

2. If you're worried about the health of the cat, call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999. If the cat is injured, take it to the nearest veterinary practice. The RSPCA has an agreement with the British Veterinary Association (BVA) to provide initial emergency assessment and care for sick and injured animals. In all cases, you must have obtained prior authorisation by calling the RSPCA before attending the veterinary surgery.

3. If possible, take the cat to a vet who will check for a microchip. They will not charge for this. The vet may be able to supply you with a paper collar if the cat isn't chipped to try and trace an owner. Or you can download a paper collar here.

2. If the vet can't supply a paper collar, email us at adoptacat-basingstoke and ask us to send you a paper collar to put on the cat so that if there is an owner, they can contact you. We will also check if anyone has reported a lost cat that fits the description you send us.

3. Post information, preferably with a photo, on our Facebook page to see if an owner can be found.

4. Register the cat on AnimalSearch UK

Doing these things often mean that a cat is successfully reunited with its owner.  We're unable to take in a cat for re-homing until we are sure it's a stray.