What to do if your cat is lost

Losing your cat is a worrying and upsetting time. We make sure all strays handed to us have been checked for a microchip and check them against the register.

You can report your cat missing by emailing us at adoptacat-basingstoke@hotmail.co.uk as soon as possible in order to maximise the chances of finding it.  Make sure that you include the following information:
  • Your address and telephone number.
  • The date and time that your cat was last seen.
  • The place your cat was last seen.
  • Your cat's name, sex, breed, age and colour.
  • Whether your cat was wearing a collar and/or ID disc.
  • Whether your cat has been micro-chipped.
  • Whether or not your cat has been neutered or spayed.
  • Any distinguishing features.
  • Recent photos of your cat.

Here are some other ideas to try
1. If you have a photograph of your cat then you can post this on our Facebook page.  We've had some great results from this.

2. Look in all rooms, cupboards, boxes, large appliances (washing machines, etc), hedgerows, sheds, garages, gardens, lofts and vehicles. Ask your neighbours to do the same.

3. Check the "Lost and Found" section of local newspapers.

4. Contact all local vets to see if your cat's been handed in.

5. Cats don't normally range too far from their home territories so quickly print plenty of "Lost Cat" posters (with a photo and reward if possible) and put them through letterboxes in the local area. Trees and lamp posts may also be used but letterboxes are far more efficient. Also, put the posters in local Vets, shops, newsagents, pubs, takeaways, surgeries, Care Homes and other suitable local premises where plenty of people will see them.

6. Contact the RSPCA . Ring the Street Cleansing Department of your local Council as they keep records of all animals they pick up.

7. As well as Animal Search UK, register your cat on the below websites. All these sites are FREE.

 8. When you do find your cat, please inform any organisations that you told about its disappearance so that they know to stop looking.