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A few less unwanted kittens!

08 April 2017
We held a session at the Popley Fields Community Centre on Satuday 8th April when we were issuing vouchers that mean people can get their cat(s) neutered fo just £5 a cat!

We had a good turnout and have issued vouchers for a total of 89 cats to be neutered.   Just think of how that multiplies into reducing the number of unwanted kittens!!

Thanks to the staff at Popley Fields Community Centre or their hospitality and thanks to our volunteers Ann, Tracy and Angela for giving their time.

If you missed this event and you're on low income or benefits, you can get a part-payment voucher for neutering your cat by calling 01256 584544 or emailing adoptacat-basingtoke@hotmail.co.uk.  These are worth £25 towards the cost of neutering a male or £40 towards the cost of neutering a female.